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Robin & Erik | Burney Falls Elopement Robin and Erik chose to elope with the beauty of Burney Falls in the background. Our good friend and long time Shasta County wedding professional Geri Whitmore officiated!


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AJ & Jade | Red Bluff Wedding When your cousins kid gets married you just have to go...and bring the camera!

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Shannon & Michael | Stone Tree, Novato Wedding After a 6 month delay due to the pandemic, Shannon and Michael finally had their dream wedding at Stone Tree in Novato.


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Old Shasta Family session Duong and her family moved to the area in the last few years and have slowly been exploring the area. I got to introduce them to the magic that is Old Shasta in Spring!

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The Klopfen-who's? I love when friends visit from out of town!!  We took advantage of a visit from the Klopfenstein family to capture a few family portraits.

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Kayla & Ryan | Engaged Guess what's back?! It's engagement session season!! I'm so happy to back at it, shooting engagements and families and weddings. And these two...they said they were awkward and uncomfortable in front of the camera but the truth is they were amazing and made my job so easy. I cant wait to capture their wedding in July!

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Bronco for the Win! When Jessie and Josh said they wanted to have their family wear their Bronco shirts and have their truck in their family photo I of course thought they meant the NFL team. Ha! Joke's on me. I like this Bronco much better!

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Lucianna & Josh | Tahoe Engagement The cousin of my cousin is my?? Josh is my cousin's cousin on the other side but we'll just call him family! We headed up to Tahoe for his engagement session with Lucianna and we can't wait to return for their wedding in the fall.

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Kassie & Rich | Married Do you LOVE Reiter's Bakery in Red Bluff? We do too! And we love the owners, whose wedding we shot this fall.

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I Miss weddings! I miss weddings.

I miss love, the second time around. I miss the bride having her grandson/grandma dance.

I miss first looks with dad and tearful hugs with mom. I miss pre-ceremony chicken nuggets (while protecting your dress by wearing a garment bag!). I miss shooting weddings for work friends and family members and childhood friends.

I miss working with videographers to combine great ideas. I miss watching my cousin help dress her daughter as a bride. I miss goofy bridesmaids who are the life of the party! I miss brave brides who want to fly on their wedding day. I miss grooms who run off to the bushes to pee mid portrait session. I miss having to shoot at the worst light of the day. I miss mamas crying while dad dances with the bride. I miss watching my uncle get drunk for the first time in years.


I miss scrambling to find a place to shoot portraits in the rain. I miss that one cocktail I get to share with my assistant once the bulk of the party is done. I miss the entire party singing along to Sweet Caroline.  I miss wine down Sundays the day after weddings.

I miss car selfies with my bride and groom! I miss helping transport decor from the church to the reception.

I miss riding to the wedding with the nervous bride and her excited bridesmaids. I miss emotional first looks with the groom and his bride. I miss finding silly light test shots in my editing. I miss finding the perfect little hidden garden corner for portraits.

I miss the bride who has every cute getting ready photo pre-planned before I arrive.  I miss El Baile del Mandilon (The domesticated husband dance) and the hollers from the crowd. I miss getting too close to the champagne spray. I miss seeing my previous brides and grooms as guests at another wedding, expecting their first baby.


I miss limo rides with bridesmaids singing. I miss dads with top hats and shot guns. I miss grooms and groomsmen who just can’t hold a straight face.


I miss limos with blown suspension. I miss driving to abandoned wineries so the bride can have a photo where her parents got married. I miss hiking up through cow patties and stickers to get the perfect venue overview.  I miss brides with their own pitcher of wine slushies. I miss brides getting thrown over a shoulder and carried off for the night.

I miss working the same, way out the middle of nowhere venue two weddings in a row. I miss the bride who is so in love that all she can do is crinkle her nose and cling to her new husband’s arm. I miss beautiful walks on winding country roads. I miss table shots that turn into a huge impromptu photo of every guest from one side of the family.

I miss touching moments with grandma. I miss nervous brides who are just trying to hold it together when they walk down the aisle. I miss the couple who shares their first beer as a married couple at the altar.  I miss the bride who can’t stop saying the F-word into the microphone. I miss that beer wall! I miss working with our favorite DJ taking the backyard wedding to the next level party.

I miss working with yet another member of a family I’ve been photographing for years. I miss double wedding weekends with a 5 hour drive (and 40 degree temperature difference) between locations.  

I miss grooms who wont stop setting up wedding details to go get dressed. I miss driving out to the “beach” for photos and its not really a beach. I miss home made adult punch and neighbors being the bartender. I miss first dances in the redwood grove. I miss grooms shakin’ it for the crowd.

I miss groom’s who cant hold their emotions when their bride comes down the aisle. I miss groomsmen doing their own thing in the background. I miss the kids being “ring security”. I miss the demure bride who just has that “thing”.

I miss shiny church floors that make the most perfect reflections. I miss the long golf cart ride out to find the most perfect sunset photo location.  And again…the best DJ keeping everyone busy while you are gone.

I miss dresses so big that its takes 3 people to crawl under and fluff them. I miss dressing up again 3 weeks later for a bonus bridal session.

I miss setting the camera down to ride the mechanical bull at the rehearsal dinner. I miss moms and daughters holding hands when they get ready. I miss seeing great friends finally get married. I miss finding amazing spots to hang a gorgeous dress. I miss grandma putting her own jewelry on the bride. I miss impromptu sexy boudoir photos in the getting ready room. I miss the guys skeet shooting as their getting ready process. I miss photographers I haven’t see in years helping me shoot for the day. I miss tear filled vows. I miss that moment they leave the ceremony as husband and wife. I miss detail photos. I miss speeches from teen daughters that make everybody cry.

I miss seeing my co-workers joy at seeing her son get married (and planning to shoot her daughter’s upcoming wedding). I miss racing out to get that last family photo before the sun goes down. I miss the smoke bomb photos gone wrong. I miss the sunset photos gone right. I miss the little boys crying because he doesn’t want mom and dad to dance without him.

I miss the perfect winter mountain wedding. I miss the exquisitely decorated venue. I miss the bride and groom recreating their first date (fishing) on their wedding day. I miss catching the perfect sunset through the pines. I miss post wedding margaritas.

I miss 2019. I miss weddings, every last bad or great thing about them. And I can't wait to get back to all of those wonderful and annoying and joyous things.

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Sammi & Luke | Kenwood Ranch Wedding

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Shyloe & Sage | Engaged Last week we got to work with another member of the Baker family. What started 11 years ago with shooting the wedding of Sage's sister has turned into quite to collection of this family's memories...high school graduation, medical school graduation, countless family shoots, a couple of pregnancy announcements and now, another wedding! We are honored by the trust the Baker family puts in us to capture their important life moments, and can't wait for the next one, Shyloe & Sage's Wedding, coming up in August!

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Leslie & John | Jefferson Street Mansion Benecia Wedding

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Aubrie & Kyle | Secret Gardens Bodega Bay Wedding

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Sarah & Eddie | Marin Headlands & Folsom Engagment We met up with Sarah, Eddie and their kids for a family and engagement session in the Marin Headlands where they braved serious winds, blowing sand and freezing ocean water to get these views. We followed up a few weeks later in Folsom, where the weather was much more forgiving and warm!


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Missy & Wayne | The Third Time's the Charm! The third time was indeed the charm for our engagement session with Missy & Wayne. We first rescheduled due to rain...then snow!!...Then we got it right. We found a great spot that had survived the wildfires out on Whiskeytown Lake and met up to create some images of their beautiful family.

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Leslie & John | Lands End Engagement Session Thanks to the predictably unpredictable weather of San Francisco, we found a multitude of climates all withing a few hours for Leslie & John's engagement photos. In the end, Mother Nature was our friend in giving us some amazing views and lighting.


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Fiona & Bao | Point Reyes Engagement Session We explored the beauty (and crazy winds!) of Point Reyes for Fiona and Bao's engagement session.

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Heather & Deb | Mill Valley Wedding I remember just 6 years ago when 2 very cautious women called me about shooting their wedding. They were worried I would turn them away because (gasp!) they were gay and getting married when it wasn't even legal yet. We had a fantastic experience with Samantha & Sam that day in May 2013, and once California finally caught up and made it legal, I was super excited that many more same sex weddings would come our way. 5 took 5 years before I had any more same sex wedding inquires. But you know what I love about it? Neither one of the two lovely same sex couples who hired me this year had to point out that they were gay, or worry about what society or their vendors might say. And I LOVE that! Because all of these beautiful ladies reinforce the fact that love is love. Period. Heather and Deb, thank you for showing us what true love is and for trusting us to capture your beautiful celebration. You not only trusted us as professionals, you treated us like family. It was truly an honor to witness your love for one another! P.S. Your rainbow cake was my favorite!

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Katie & Nick | David Girard Vineyard Wedding

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Simply Dianna

I started my journey in photography at the age of 12 when my dad gave me a camera for my birthday. I was instantly hooked. For many years I shot photos as a hobby, capturing the world around me and sharing my images with anyone who would take the time to look at my scrapbook albums.

In the spring of 2001 my cousin decided I was going to shoot her wedding photos. Was I scared? Absolutely! But it came out pretty well and from there the referrals started coming in.

I later took a job at a local film lab (yes, I said FILM! I'm that old!) where I met some amazing mentors. They introduced me to an awesome world of education and opportunity.

Over the years I have developed great friendships with my regular portrait clients, watching their families grow through the years. Some of them started out as wedding clients, then maternity clients and now have become family clients. Forming these relationships with my clients is such a rewarding part of the business!

At this point I have come to love wedding the most. The anticipation and excitement of everyone involved combined with the constantly changing conditions keeps me excited to do what I do! 



[email protected] (Simply You Photography) Sun, 02 Sep 2018 05:02:00 GMT
Deeanddave Welcome to our wedding information page!

Please RSVP HERE to let us know your plans.

David and Dianna  -  September 15, 2022  -  Pismo Beach, CA

We can't wait to share our favorite 3 day weekend getaway destination with the people we love. Please note that we understand the distance and cost do not make it possible for everyone to attend, but we wanted to make sure our closest family and friends know they are welcome to join us for an intimate beach ceremony and dinner in Pismo Beach, Ca. We have a very limited space for guests (like 25 or less) so please don't feel obligated to attend if the travel doesn't work for you. We will keep you with us in spirit and know you are sending well wishes our way.  If you believe you are unable to attend please let us know as soon as possible as we have additional people we would like to include if space is available for them. 


If you are able to join us here is what’s in store:

Wednesday Sept 14 Time TBD:  Evening Welcome BBQ at our hotel (Sea Crest Inn-CLICK HERE FOR DISCOUNT computers work best). No one wants to hunt for dinner after a long day of travelling! Feel free to join us for a BBQ on the hotel grounds overlooking the ocean. There are guest use BBQ's available, fire pits to warm you and hot tubs to enjoy if you would like. We will provide the main course, a few sides and drinks, but feel free to bring any of your favorite drinks or foods if you would like.


Thursday Sept 15 (Wedding Day!) Time 5:30: Explore Pismo Beach as much as you'd like before our late afternoon wedding ceremony on the beach below our hotel.  Approximately 3 flights of stairs lead down to the beach, where we will have a standing ceremony surrounded by all of you. It will be a simple gathering, officiated by a great friend of ours. We do not plan to have seating unless we have anyone who is not comfortable standing for the duration of the short ceremony. Please let us know if that's you so we can make sure you are comfortable!

After the ceremony we will stay on the beach for photos while our guests walk back up to the hotel and travel a few miles into town for a dinner reception at Giuseppe's Italian Restaurant. We will be in the outdoor garden so bring a light jacket. Heaters will be available but there can still be a chill in the air as this is the Central California coast in September.

Friday Sept 16th: for those who choose to stay and explore the area more, we will move north to Paso Robles for lunch and wine tasting and at 2 or 3 of our favorite wineries. There are hundreds of wineries to explore in the area. Feel free to make your own tasting tour or meet up with us at our scheduled stops. We will be hosting and making reservations for our wedding party and immediate family, however most of the area wineries will only allow reservations for parties up to 6-10 people. Because of this we will ask that those of you not in our immediate travel group make your own reservation at each winery. Once we have our exact times and locations we will share the information so that you can make reservations for the same time frame.

At the moment we have chosen to start at Opolo Vineyards for lunch and tasting at 12:30pm. They serve a variety of wood fired pizzas, salads and snack platters. Their wines are some of our favorites and for the non wine loving guests, they also have a distillery with spirits tastings on site.


We plan to end our day at Daou Vineyards at 3:00pm where the views are as beautiful as the wines. 

We suggest that you change hotels to one in Paso Robles for Friday night if you plan to wine taste and stay Friday and beyond. Paso Robles is a 40-45 minute drive north of Pismo Beach. Staying in Paso Robles is more convenient for travel and the hotels cost a bit less on the weekends.

See Helpful links below for Paso Robles Hotel information.

Saturday Sept 17th: We’re off for some private time together so you’re on your own! Head home or explore the area we love so much. There are countless wineries to explore, golfing, beachcombing and seaside shops to enjoy.


Please check back here for more info as our plans evolve.


Lodging in this area books up quickly. We suggest you make your reservations early!


Helpful Links:

Pismo Beach lodging

Seacrest Inn Hotel: CLICK HERE for our group discount. This booking system works far better on a desktop or laptop computer. Is funky on a mobile device!

Hilton brands lodging (Hilton Garden Inn, Hampton, Embassy Suites) 


San Luis Obispo lodging (15 minutes north of Pismo, better hotel rates!)

Best Western Royal Oak Hotel


Paso Robles Lodging

Paso Robles Inn: 

The Oaks Hotel & Suites (has restaurant bar onsite):

Holiday Inn Express:

Adelaide Inn:

Best Western Plus Black Oak


To see what other wineries the area has to offer you can visit


For our guests who prefer to travel in their RV's here are a few local RV Parks:

Note: Paso Robles Wine country consists of small, winding roads and no RV parking at wineries. If you're traveling with your RV and want to go wine tasting you will need to detach (for trailers), bring a tow behind car, Uber or plan to carpool with friends for the day.

Pismo Beach:

Pismo Coast Village approx $69-79 per night

Coastal Dunes RV Park and Campground approx $50 per night


Paso Robles:

Paso Robles RV Ranch
Call 805-237-8685 for reservations


Suggested Travel route to Pismo Beach:

Google Maps show 2 routes...I-5 or US101. We have driven both and suggest the I-5 route. The US101 route heading South out of the bay area is beautiful, however it gets very congested and has heavy traffic causing slow downs from the bay area down through Salinas. These slow downs can add an hour or more to your travel time. The I-5 route is an easier drive with more services and faster flowing traffic. (I-5 south to Kettleman City. US Hwy 41 [becomes Hwy 46] west to Paso Robles. Connect to US101 South in Paso Robles)

Want to take the long way home and Explore? Hwy 1 is beautiful between San Luis Obispo and Monterey (weather and road conditions depending). There are many places to explore, such as Morrow Bay, Hearst Castle, Big Sur, Point Lobos State Park, Pebble Beach, Monterey....the options are endless!







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Krystle & Wyatt | Villa Chanticleer Wedding

[email protected] (Simply You Photography) Wed, 01 Aug 2018 04:56:00 GMT
Dominic & Mary | Mendocino Wedding

[email protected] (Simply You Photography) Sat, 21 Jul 2018 17:22:38 GMT
Amy & Jeff | Intimate Backyard Wedding Amy & Chose to keep their wedding small and intimate with only 30 guests in a family member's back yard. Their intimate details included handmade gifts, Amy's grandfather's bible, and hand tied (by one of the groomsmen) fishing flies as boutonnieres. Their fur baby, Wiley, also featured prominently throughout the day. He was so excited that he interrupted their first look for his own time with mama and then decided that any time her dress train was laid out is was obviously his spot! Amy and Jeff wouldn't have it any other way! 

[email protected] (Simply You Photography) Sat, 21 Jul 2018 17:09:29 GMT
Jess & Jim | Where are they Now? For many years there has been a photo I display at wedding shows that grabs attention more than any other...The "From Here to Eternity" inspiration featuring Jessica and Jim! For years people have been stopping to stare and wonder "how could she do that to her dress!?" Hint...That photo was taken 4 months after the wedding!  I love being able to keep up with my couples post wedding as they grow their families. 10 years later, this is where they are now!

[email protected] (Simply You Photography) Wed, 04 Jul 2018 17:51:57 GMT
Lisa & Joey | Dancing in the rain Lisa & Joey's April wedding didn't just get rained got drenched!  But that didn't stop them from having the time of their lives dancing in a tent instead of the vineyard. The guests brought out umbrellas and embraced the weather to have a fantastic party. There may have even been an impromptu air guitar/drums karaoke performance by the bride and groom (Don't Sop Believin' guys!). We were so thankful for the great attitudes of the couple and the way their guests embraced the day and JUST HAD FUN!

[email protected] (Simply You Photography) Fri, 20 Apr 2018 18:15:00 GMT
Heather & Zoran | Petaluma Hilltop E-Session

[email protected] (Simply You Photography) Sat, 31 Mar 2018 17:35:00 GMT
Lisa & Joey | Sonoma Engagement Session

[email protected] (Simply You Photography) Thu, 29 Mar 2018 02:17:00 GMT
Jenna & Nick | Celebration After Devastation October was a month never to be forgotten by Sonoma and Napa county residents. Jenna & Nick were all set to marry just a few weeks after the raging wildfires of Napa and Somona counties started. They had friends and family suffer great losses. There was so much devastation around them that they were unsure if they should keep their wedding on schedule, or even if they could. When the smoke cleared 2 weeks later they found that their venue had survived thanks to the devoted staff at Vintner's Inn who stayed behind to dampen spot fires and put out embers falling on the property. After much soul searching and discussion with family and friends they decided to go ahead with the wedding and celebrate what couldn't be taken by the flames: Life, Love and Family!


[email protected] (Simply You Photography) Tue, 07 Nov 2017 05:50:00 GMT
Kalynn & Kurtis | Lake Almanor Wedding Kalynn & Kurtis returned to their home town of Chester on Lake Almanor to be wed by their middle school teacher (and pastor) surrounded by their family and friends.

[email protected] (Simply You Photography) Tue, 29 Aug 2017 04:37:00 GMT
Lilyaunna & Ajai | Mendocino Coast Wedding

[email protected] (Simply You Photography) Fri, 28 Jul 2017 04:52:07 GMT
Kelli & Corey | Santa Rosa Hilltop Wedding

[email protected] (Simply You Photography) Fri, 30 Jun 2017 04:46:00 GMT
Danielle & Scott | Tierra Oaks Wedding

[email protected] (Simply You Photography) Thu, 01 Jun 2017 04:30:00 GMT
Lizzie & Paul | Cornerstone Sonoma Wedding

[email protected] (Simply You Photography) Mon, 01 May 2017 04:07:00 GMT
Jessica & Jaethan | Seven Sycamores Wedding I love this family! I met them a lifetime ago when the bride's mom, Carrie, and I opened a scrapbook store together. Carrie was the catalyst that propelled me into wedding photography. I was just a hobbyist minding my own business, scrapbooking the wedding photos I shot as a favor to my cousin when she insisted to one of our customers that I HAD to shoot her daughter's wedding. I'm sure I answered with a "oh heck no" and an evil eye her direction, but did it anyway as a favor to a good customer. Now, 16 years later, I'm shooting Carrie's daughter's wedding. It was an honor to document their beautiful, rainy day.

[email protected] (Simply You Photography) Mon, 06 Feb 2017 01:28:05 GMT
Michelle & Andrew | Vacaville Opera House Wedding Michelle and Andrew had a destination wedding in Canada over the summer but came home to Vacaville last week for a party with their family and friends. The bride's mom wanted some traditional portraits to supplement their adventurous mountain and lake photos from the summer, so we met up before the party for a quick trip through Andrews Park. We were able to catch the last few minutes of daylight and the sun as it broke through the clouds right at sunset.

[email protected] (Simply You Photography) Fri, 02 Dec 2016 03:34:00 GMT
Morgan & Michael | Warren Woods Wedding We were super thankful that Morgan & Michael chose to have a first look and finish up all of their photos before their ceremony in the majestic redwoods at Warren Woods in Occidental, CA. About 15 minutes after their ceremony ended the sky opened up and rained like crazy. Guests huddled under tents and kept great attitudes, with some even dancing in the rain! We eventually moved into town to the Union Hotel bar, where we joined the locals watching the world series. Everyone was in great spirits while the speeches were made one on one with the bride and groom over the din of the jukebox and baseball game. We even stepped outside into the street during a break in the rain to toss the garter and bouquet. Many thanks to Brooke & Ryan at Planet Entertainment DJ for holding on as long as their equipment would possibly allow and giving these two a great wedding. Best rained out wedding ever!

[email protected] (Simply You Photography) Occidental Redwoods Wedding Warren Woods Wedding Wedding Thu, 01 Dec 2016 02:11:00 GMT
Danielle & Scott | Marin Beach Engagement Scott and Danielle's engagement session started with wine tasting in Sonoma County and ended with sunset on a Marin County beach.

[email protected] (Simply You Photography) Sun, 02 Oct 2016 01:27:00 GMT
Nicole & Dominic | Mark West Lodge Wedding

[email protected] (Simply You Photography) Sat, 24 Sep 2016 23:43:00 GMT
Kristine & Ron | Mt Shasta Resort Wedding They met in high school. Then life took them in different directions. 6 years ago they reconnected and last month they were married in their home town of Mount Shasta. Congratulations Kristine & Ron!


[email protected] (Simply You Photography) Northern California Wedding Photographer Redding Wedding Photographer Wed, 31 Aug 2016 23:09:00 GMT
Estefania & Ryan | Healdsburg Hilltop Wedding Estefania and Ryan were married in a private hilltop vineyard in Healdsburg surrounded by their family and friends.  The day started with a bit of a scare when the make up artist was a no show, but thanks to some quick thinking by Estefania's bridesmaids (and a little bribery of a beauty salon client to give up her appointment) a replacement was found just a few doors down from their hotel.  The rest of the day went flawlessly and was a non stop celebration!

[email protected] (Simply You Photography) Sat, 27 Aug 2016 23:11:00 GMT
Victoria & Alfredo | San Rafael Engagement Session When we first met Victoria she let me know that her wedding would be at St. Vincent's church. Having already worked there for another wedding and loved it, we were excited and showed her photos from Olga & Tyler's wedding for ideas. We quickly realized that we had the wrong church...She was getting married at St Vincent's in Petaluma, not San Rafael!  When it came time to plan the engagement session, Victoria remembered how much she liked the setting from the wrong St Vincent's church, so we decided why not shoot there!  We had a great time revisiting this beautiful and historic location...And finally meeting Alfredo!

[email protected] (Simply You Photography) Fri, 15 Jul 2016 23:40:00 GMT
Stephanie & Jeff | Arrowcreek Reno Wedding Stephanie & Jeff's crazy, windy wedding took place in June at The Club at Arrowcreek  in Reno NV. 

[email protected] (Simply You Photography) Arrowcreek Wedding photographer Northern California Wedding Photographer Reno Wedding Photographer Thu, 30 Jun 2016 18:28:00 GMT
Amy & Trevin | Folsom Engagement

[email protected] (Simply You Photography) Engagement Wed, 01 Jun 2016 01:09:00 GMT
Olivia & Joseph | Arbuckle Ranch Wedding Olivia & Joseph's love is a beautiful thing to witness. Their friends and family are just as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. It was an honor to spend the day dodging downpours with them and capturing the joining of these two families.  We worked along side Wilson at Baby Blue Film to fully capture their wedding day at Joseph's family's ranch in Arbuckle, CA. (We also captured their engagement session on the ranch 6 months prior. View their engagement session here)


[email protected] (Simply You Photography) Northern California Wedding Photographer Redding Wedding Photographer Tue, 31 May 2016 23:48:00 GMT
Jessica & Jaethan | Palo Cedro Engagement Session 16 years ago I was a scrapbook crazed housewife (weren't we all?) who decided to take a chance and open a scrapbook store. I took my Creative Memories lady with me down the crazy road to Cropland. We spent 2 years scrapbooking to our hearts content and watching her children run around the store. Now those kids are grown and this one here is getting married! I'm honored and excited to capture their wedding in a couple months.

Jessica chose a very sentimental place for her engagement session with Jaethan...Her grandparents house.  We chose the weekend of the annual Kool April Nites car show, which is traditionally rainy, no matter how deep into a drought we are! We were able to dodge the rains and wander the neighborhood for some great photos, including her uncle's beautiful classic Buick and a few little critters. We can't wait for their wedding coming up in January!

[email protected] (Simply You Photography) Northern California Wedding Photographer Redding Wedding Photographer Mon, 02 May 2016 00:02:00 GMT
Leia & Drew | Highlands Estate Wedding Wine country elegance meets geek pop culture...There was just enough of each element in Leia & Drew's Cloverdale wedding.  

We met Leia & Drew at a wedding show just days after the Valley Fire engulfed their home on Cobb Mountain and the material life they had built together.  They were in a bit of a daze but still determined to move forward with their plans to marry and rebuild their life together. They wandered off before I was able to get their names, as other couples were filtering through my booth and pulling my attention away.

The next day, as I made the long drive home, I sat processing every conversation and couple I had met the day before. Leia & Drew's story popped back into my head and I felt compelled to help them start the rebuilding process by donating my time to capture their new beginning...except I had no idea how to contact them!  A few weeks later I received an email inquiry and after a few more emails I realized that this was the couple I had been wanting to work with.  I was a bit apprehensive about offering my services as I wanted them to be sure it was from my heart and not for the attention that comes with such acts sometimes.  After talking with them I knew I had made the right decision.  

I was happy to see that we weren't the only vendors to help make this wedding possible.  Wine Country Bride, Crystal Clear Studios DJ, and many other vendors also discounted or donated services to the bride & groom.

We had a great time working with these wonderful people and meeting their families. Every detail of the wedding was created with great care and meaning. Every bottle of wine served at the wedding was hand selected and collected by the couple on their travels for work and pleasure.  Thank you, Lei & Drew, for letting us be part of your wedding and allowing us to capture the new memories you are creating!

Venue: The Highlands Estate, Cloverdale, CA

[email protected] (Simply You Photography) Sun, 01 May 2016 02:53:00 GMT
Angela & David | Oakmont Golf Club Wedding The rain and wind blew in full force on Angela & David's wedding day, but nothing could keep them from having a fabulous wedding! The day was full of joy and emotion, from their tears at the first look to the joy of dancing the night away with their closest family and friends. 

Because our original plans for wedding portraits got rained out, a few weeks later we revisited their wedding venue, Oakmont Golf Club, as well as Chateau St. Jean for a few additional wedding photos.

[email protected] (Simply You Photography) Bay Area Wedding Photographer Northern California Wedding Photographer Wedding Wine Country Wedding photographer Sun, 27 Mar 2016 03:24:00 GMT
Angela & David | Engaged We spent a beautiful spring afternoon in Jack London State Park and B.R.Cohn Winery for Angela & David's engagement session. 


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Dan & Elizabeth | Intimate Mountain Wedding  It was great to revisit the Majestic Retreat in Mt Shasta last month. The last time we were here was for the summer wedding of Whitney to Ryan, the homeowner's son. Such a different feel with snow on the ground and the fireplaces roaring. Dan & Elizabeth brought their children and parents up the valley to Mt Shasta for an intimate family wedding. With amazing food, Officiant services by one of our most well known officiants in the area, Geri Whitmore, and the musical stylings of Pamela,The Bad-Ass Harpist, we think you'll agree that Dan & Elizabeth's day was perfect! 




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Jack London State Park photos

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Estefania & Ryan | San Francisco Engagement session We spent an unusually warm November day touring San Francisco with Ryan & Estefania for their engagement session.

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Olivia & Joseph | Arbuckle Engagment session

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