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Leia & Drew | Highlands Estate Wedding

April 30, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Wine country elegance meets geek pop culture...There was just enough of each element in Leia & Drew's Cloverdale wedding.  

We met Leia & Drew at a wedding show just days after the Valley Fire engulfed their home on Cobb Mountain and the material life they had built together.  They were in a bit of a daze but still determined to move forward with their plans to marry and rebuild their life together. They wandered off before I was able to get their names, as other couples were filtering through my booth and pulling my attention away.

The next day, as I made the long drive home, I sat processing every conversation and couple I had met the day before. Leia & Drew's story popped back into my head and I felt compelled to help them start the rebuilding process by donating my time to capture their new beginning...except I had no idea how to contact them!  A few weeks later I received an email inquiry and after a few more emails I realized that this was the couple I had been wanting to work with.  I was a bit apprehensive about offering my services as I wanted them to be sure it was from my heart and not for the attention that comes with such acts sometimes.  After talking with them I knew I had made the right decision.  

I was happy to see that we weren't the only vendors to help make this wedding possible.  Wine Country Bride, Crystal Clear Studios DJ, and many other vendors also discounted or donated services to the bride & groom.

We had a great time working with these wonderful people and meeting their families. Every detail of the wedding was created with great care and meaning. Every bottle of wine served at the wedding was hand selected and collected by the couple on their travels for work and pleasure.  Thank you, Lei & Drew, for letting us be part of your wedding and allowing us to capture the new memories you are creating!

Venue: The Highlands Estate, Cloverdale, CA


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